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Inspirational neighbours belong at a business location such as Park15 Logistics – and that is what you find at Park15! We are pleased to announce that the following companies have established themselves at Park15 Logistics:
  • Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions
  • LIDL Netherlands
Terlouw Groep BV has also been moved to Park15 Business. Terlouw Groep BV is a Jaguar and Land Rover dealer and is located at a site visible from the A15. McDonalds has established their restaurant to Park15 Business too. Directly next to McDonald's a Shell petrol station is located.

We expect to be able to announce the arrival of more new companies here soon.


Lidl, a supermarket chain that originated in Germany, is one of the largest networks of supermarkets in Europe. With more than 400 branches in the Netherlands, Lidl has become a fixture on the national retail scene. In the Netherlands, Lidl is known as the supermarket with ‘the highest quality for the lowest price’.

Park15 Logistics has reached agreement with Lidl Nederland for the creation of an especially sustainable distribution centre on a site of approximately 16 hectares. Construction began in mid-November 2016 and the building was taken into use at the end of 2018. In the initial stage, the new distribution centre will measure some 55,000 square metres.

If you would like to follow the new building... view here to gain an impression.

Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions

Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions develops integrated logistics solutions for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, focusing on food products. The services it provides create tailor-made supply chain concepts. In the area of non-temperature-controlled foods, Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions is one of the largest logistics providers in the Netherlands.

Under contract to Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions, GiesbersGroep is currently building a European distribution centre covering nearly 62,000 m2. The A-class distribution centre will be used by a number of clients (e.g. Mars, Kraft Heinz and SCA) as a ‘Shared Service Centre’.


Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions provides logistics services for part of Mars. Mars Incorporated is a US company that makes snacks, among other products. Frank Mars founded the company in 1911 after a visit to a pharmacy with his son, which inspired him to start producing chocolate bars. The first chocolate bar was known as the Milky Way, which was later sold in Europe under the name Mars. At a later stage, the company expanded, adding divisions for pet foods, meals and beverages.

Mars attaches great importance to five principles: Quality, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Efficiency, and Freedom. These five principles form the basis of our company culture and of the way in which Mars does business. Every day, Mars employees strive to apply these principles in their work and in relationships with consumers, customers, business partners and the communities in which the company is active.


Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions provides the logistics services for part of Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz is originally a US food producer, resulting from the merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz.

In 2000 Kraft Heinz took over the food division of CSM, which included the brands De Ruijter, Venz, Karvan Cévitan, Roosvicee, Honig, Baukje, Brinta, Saroma and HAK. These companies are all traditional Dutch brands, created and developed by passionate Dutch entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on quality, taste and convenience. These priorities are of course completely in line with the vision of our founder, Henry John Heinz. H.J.  Heinz B.V. is the Dutch branch of Heinz, a relatively young organisation that originated in 2001.


Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions provides logistics services for part of SCA. SCA is a leading multinational company making hygiene and forest products. The group develops and manufactures sustainable personal care, tissue and forest products. Seven brands are known in the Netherlands:  Demak'up, Edet, Libresse, Plenty, Tempo, TENA and Tork. SCA currently employs 1400 people.

SCA’s mission is the sustainable development, production, marketing and sale of products and services for clients and consumers within the hygiene and forest products markets. In addition, SCA strives to meet the needs of clients and consumers by understanding them better, by gaining knowledge of regional and local market conditions, and through a superior go-to-market approach, combined with efficient production and continuous innovation.
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