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A sustainable and safe environment

PARK15 | Facilities - Succinctly

  • Good public transport connections
  • Active and professional park management
  • Presence of a Shell Fuelling Station and various food options, including McDonalds
  • Ultra-fast Internet connection available
  • High-quality architecture, green spaces and landscaping
  • Planned development of a truck parking facility
  • Comprehensive sustainable business park, maintaining value over the long term
  • Innovative and optimised energy provision
    • Solar panels
    • Heat and cold storage facilities
    • Possible connection to the A15 wind farm

PARK15 | Facilities at a high level

The success of an enterprise is determined, among other things, by the quality and appearance of a business park.

Park15 Logistics enjoys healthy and attractive business conditions, because it takes account of all the factors that are important to entrepreneurs. This gives entrepreneurs space for their business operations in a well-organized, sustainable and inspirational environment.

The level of facilities at the business park is exceptionally high.
Below are more details of the facilities provided. Feel free to contact us if you would like further information. 

Park15 Logistics is being developed extremely sustainably and, in addition to its high-quality architecture and landscaping, it distinguishes itself through its public structure and innovative energy systems. What is more, the business park aims to provide high-quality green spaces and meets the highest safety standards.

PARK15 | Professional and efficient park management

Professional and sound park management is crucial for achieving the high ambitions of Park15 Logistics and guaranteeing its quality and attractive appearance. The wishes and requirements of users and owners must be taken into account. In addition, the companies based at the park can benefit from cooperation.

Within Park15 Logistics all entrepreneurs are brought together as co-owners in the Coöperatieve Vereniging van Eigenaars Park15 (Cooperative Association of Park15 Owners). This relatively new form of park management has the advantage that from the outset all partners share responsibility and directly influence the quality of the site. They work together to seek sustainable and optimal solutions to problems arising from the management of the park.

The most sustainable distribution centre

LIDL Nederland started using the most sustainable distribution center in the Netherlands in 2019.

Assessed by BREEAM, the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, the distribution centre covering some 5 hectares has been designated ‘outstanding’. This is the highest sustainability certification that can be obtained!

The energy-neutral distribution center of 54,000 square meters with 2,700 solar poles on the roof is equal to the energy supply of 150 households.

PARK15 | Sustainability and energy optimized

Park15 Logistics sees as its mission the creation of construction and accommodation solutions of distinctive quality, with careful attention to the environment. Park15 Logistics strives for optimal sustainability solutions.

The Park15 business park is being sustainably developed. This means that the business park meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With every development there should be a good balance between the three Ps (People, Planet and Profit).

As part of its sustainability aims, Park15 Logistics has looked into possibilities for optimizing energy provision, with the application of the following energy-saving measures enabling energy-efficient operation of the buildings:
  • possible connection to the wind farm alongside the A15 motorway;
  • use of solar panels;
  • heat and cold storage facilities;
  • application of energy-saving measures.

PARK15 | Glass fibre for ultra-fast Internet connection

At Park15 Logistics it is easy to be connected to the glass-fibre network, and this brings many benefits.

First of all, you will obtain an ultra-fast Internet connection, which guarantees a stable and fast connection, even during peak hours. In addition, a glass-fibre connection ensures consistent quality, even when there are multiple devices, and the upload speed is the same as the download speed.

A glass-fibre connection is suitable for many kinds of applications, from fast Internet access to linking branch offices or home workers. Video conferencing, remote back-up and using software or telephony services that are running in a supplier’s data centre are also made possible through a glass-fibre connection.

PARK15 | Attention to the traffic structure

A great deal of work has been done on the traffic structure in order to optimize roads and signposting. For example, the profiles and arrangement of the various roads have been designed to suit the type of traffic. The spatial quality of Park15 Logistics is fully linked to the way users experience the park. 

The most important entrance and main axis of Park15 Logistics is De Rietgraaf. The quality of this road is extended via the Grote Linie to the Danenhof. The traffic on these roads consists mainly of passenger cars and cyclists. 

Destinations for freight traffic are generally located along the ring. Trucks can reach logistics firms and large-scale production companies by turning off for the business park’s ring at the first intersection.

PARK15 | Green spaces

The creation of high-quality green spaces greatly enhances the spatial experience of the business park. At Park15 Logistics great care has been devoted to green spaces, along the access roads as well as throughout the park’s internal structure and its different zones. 

Park 15 Logistics is surrounded by four areas, each with its own individual qualities. The qualities that are already present are used as much as possible, but where it is desirable, the appearance of the areas on the margins is developed further to create new landscapes.

To the north is the A15 zone; to the east is the connection to the national trunk road and the provincial road; to the south is the green buffer zone; and to the west is the Betuwse Bongerd residential estate, which borders on the landscaped ‘De Danenberg’ park.

Park15 Logistics stands for a quality landscape, gives shape to one of the entry points to the region, and offers job opportunities in a green region.


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