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At Park15 Logistics, we consider it important to inform interested parties clearly and thoroughly about developments.

One way in which we do this is by communicating actively using a variety of modern communication channels. We mainly communicate through social media and we are active on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Are you already following Park15 Logistics on our social media channels? If not, use the links below to go straight to the relevant pages. 

We also inform our stakeholders by means of the news on this page (only in Dutch). Some topics are covered more extensively and you can find these news items below.

and photos are also regularly made and shared. You can see a selection of the photos here and the videos are shared through our Vimeo channel and YouTube channel.

PARK15 | Updates, news and trending

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Afwerking nieuwste distributiecentrum Lidl Nederland

Bekijk hier de beelden van de afwerking van het nieuwe distributiecentrum van Lidl Nederland op Park 15 in Overbetuwe - Oosterhout. More info >>

De afbouw en afwerking DC Lidl op Park15 Logistics

De afbouw van het nieuwst DC van Lidl Nederland op Park15 Logistics is begonnen. Ruim een jaar geleden, augustus 2017, zijn de grondwerken gestart. More info >>

Constructie, dak- en wandbeplating

Er zijn momenteel heel veel activiteiten aan de gang bij de bouw van het nieuwe distributiecentrum van Lidl Nederlands op Park15 Logistics. More info >>

Betonconstructie Lidl op Park15 uit de grond

De bouw van nieuwe DC van Lidl begint ‘uit de grond’ te komen en wordt goed zichtbaar. More info >>

Fundering nieuwbouw distributiecentrum Lidl

De bouw van de fundering van nieuwbouw distributiecentrum Lidl is in volle gang. More info >>

Provincie geeft groen licht voor Railterminal

Provinciale Staten hebben ingestemd met de bouw van een railterminal bij Valburg. Dit overslagpunt voor containers aan de Betuweroute maakt het mogelijk containers te verladen op het spoor. More info >>

Geplande Rail Terminal Gelderland (in Dutch)

Eind oktober heeft Provincie Gelderland  besloten om de Railterminal Gelderland (RTG) aan de noordkant van de Betuweroute aan te leggen. Voor het vervoer van en naar de terminal komt een nieuwe weg. Om de economie in de regio te stimuleren wil de provincie een railterminal aanleggen bij het al bestaande containeruitwisselpunt in Overbetuwe nabij Park15. Daarmee kan Gelderland eindelijk gebruik maken van de Betuweroute die door de provincie loopt. More info >>

First pile driven for most sustainable DC in NL

Mayor of the municipality of Overbetuwe, drove the ceremonial first pile into the ground for the Lidl distribution centre at Park15 Logistics. More info >>

Large-scale logistics and SMEs welcome

"Park15 will be a business park where people take pleasure in their work,” assures Bart Franssen, who is responsible for the new business park within GiesbersGroep. More info >>

McDonald’s to open at Park15 end-2017

McDonald’s is establishing a branch at Park15. Construction of the new fast food restaurant starts in mid-September and is expected to be finished by the end of 2017. More info >>

Huge solar array on roof of plot 3

Park15 Logistics has received an SDE subsidy for a solar array of some 60,000 m2 on the roof of the sustainable warehouse which is to be built on plot 3. More info >>

Rise of a new generation of business parks

The magazine Logistiek Vastgoed Nederland 2017, which appears once a year, recently published an article entitled ‘Rise of a new generation of business parks; GiesbersGroep in the lead with Park15’. More info >>

Container Terminal BCTN Nijmegen

Intermodal container transport is one of the greenest methods of transport and is also cheap and reliable. Park15 Logistics is close to the Container Terminal BCTN Nijmegen. More info >>

Nabuurs Shared Service Centre delivered

The new Shared Service Centre for Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions at Park15 Logistics was recently delivered. This was the result of intensive cooperation between the end-investor Goodman, Giesbers Ontwikkelen en Bouwen, and Nabuurs. More info >>

Concrete floors distributiecentrum Nabuurs

A great many construction-related disciplines were involved together in the final construction stage of the logistics centre for Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions. More info >>

'Early access' Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions

Now that the modern logistics distribution centre for Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions is nearly finished, a large number of parties are working together on its completion. Looks great... More info >>

New A15 slip road in pictures

Work on the new slip road for Park15 is almost finished. We have created this short impression to give you an idea of the unique access route for the business park. More info >>

Nieuwe op- en afrit A15 op Park15

Momenteel vinden wegwerkzaamheden plaats aan de zuidelijke af- en toerit Elst/-Oosterhout. Vanuit Knooppunt Valburg richting Knooppunt Ressen wordt de afrit een stukje verlegd en verlengd. More info >>

Exclusive automobile brand at Park15

The dealer for the exclusive British brand Jaguar Land Rover has purchased a building plot at an attractive location visible from the A15 motorway. More info >>

Large, sustainable DC for Lidl

Lidl Nederland is constructing a new distribution centre on a plot of around 16 hectares at Park15. More info >>

Mars also chooses Park15 Logistics

After Kraft Heinz, Mars has also decided to provide its logistics services for the Dutch market from a base at Park15. These warehouse, co-packing and distribution activities will be carried out by Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions. The distribution centre for this purpose will be constructed by GiesbersGroep. More info >>

Goodman en Giesbers ontwikkelen nieuwe EDC

Goodman en Giesbers ontwikkelen nieuwe Europees DC voor Nabuurs en KraftHeinz op Park15 Logistics.
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