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PARK15 | Green, sustainable, ambitious and new

Green, sustainable, ambitious and new! These are the key words that best describe Park15 Logistics.

The business park distinguishes itself through continuous investment in new sustainable solutions. These include innovative energy systems using solar panels and connection to a wind farm, heat and cold storage facilities, energy-saving measures, and operations that are as efficient as possible in relation to energy.

In addition, the business park makes efforts to fit into its surroundings and prioritizes the public structure and the high-quality and well-balanced basic structure.
Park15 Logistics does all it can to achieve its ambitions. Our developments are timeless and maintain their value over the long term.

We know that flexibility is important and we are happy to support and advise you in every process. Park15 Logistics targets entrepreneurs as well as retailers, logistics providers and shippers.

If you would like more information about developing a commercial building or high-quality distribution centre at Park15 Logistics, feel free to contact us. We look at all the conditions involved and give you the best possible advice and information. As an entrepreneur, it is very helpful for you to know immediately what the possibilities are.

PARK15 | Model of a site with a green and rural design

PARK15 | Zoning plan with ample possibilities

The Park15 Logistics business park is part of the Overbetuwe municipality and comes under the current zoning plan, ‘De Nieuwe Rietgraaf’. This zoning plan was approved by the Overbetuwe municipal council on 26 January 2010 and declared irrevocable on 1 March 2012. 

Summary of the zoning plan:
Based on the map associated with the zoning plan, the commercial land that can be allocated is designated solely as ‘business park’. The northern part of the business park in particular also has the twin designation ‘Value and Archaeology’. 

Under the planning regulations that apply to the zoning plan, the land designated as ‘business park’ is to be used, among other things for:
  • carrying out business/activities that occur in the environmental categories 1 to 4.2, as referred to in the ‘List of business activities’ associated with the planning regulations, as well as for companies which, judged according to their actual business activity and influence on the environment of the business park, are equivalent to the above-mentioned companies
  • production-linked retail trade
  • offices belonging to the companies, provided the share represented by the offices does not exceed 40% of the establishment as a whole
The planning purpose of the commercial land with the twin designation ‘Value and Archaeology’ is the protection of archaeological values. You can find a more detailed description of this planning purpose in Article 12 of the planning regulations associated with the zoning plan.

The minimum construction percentage per building plot is 40%. The building’s façade should be parallel to the access road. Each building plot is permitted to have a maximum of two vehicle entrances, each at most 9 metres wide, provided that the entrances are at least 50 metres apart.

Maximum construction heights range from 12 to 28 metres. Consult the zoning map to find the precise construction height in each section. The above is a summary of the zoning plan for the business park. Consult the following appendices to see the complete zoning plan and its planning regulations:

  • Zoning map of zoning plan ‘De Nieuwe Rietgraaf’ (click here)
  • Planning regulations for zoning plan ‘De Nieuwe Rietgraaf’ (can be seen here).

Green and sustainable region

Park15 aims to be the prime example of the new generation of sustainable business parks in the Netherlands.

The major objective is to create a business park with a timeless character, maintaining value over the long term, among other things by preserving high quality through intensive management.

Furthermore, the focus is on the park being environmentally friendly, prioritizing safety and high-quality access roads, with an ambition to ensure careful use of space and high aesthetic quality, carefully integrated into its immediate environment, with green spaces and water, and which encourages outdoor activity in the public spaces.

PARK15 | Architecture designed with care and coherence

In developing Park15, great care is taken in relation to the aesthetic quality and the architecture of the buildings that are constructed there. The aesthetic quality of Park15 Logistics is high, because various factors such as the spatial structure, identity and amenity value are brought together in a coherent whole. 

The urban planning and aesthetic quality plan for Park15 Logistics has been drawn up by a collaboration between architects and advisers Op ten Noort Blijdenstein and landscape architects H+N+S.
The business park is the model of a site with a green and rural feel, and it has been designed as an integrated whole with the landscaped Danenberg park.

The aesthetic quality plan (can be read here in Dutch and downloaded as a PDF) was completely updated and approved on 1 September 2015.


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