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PARK15 | High-quality and sustainable distribution centre, tailor made

Will you be one of the last new establishments at Park15? Please inform about the possibilities
Your new distribution centre, logistics building or commercial building will be designed in close consultation with you, to your specifications.

PARK15 | Scenes - inspired by nature

The working landscapes of Park15 Scenes are located near Park15.

Hidden in the green, surrounded by water or in the middle of the orchards, you will find the special working landscapes of Park15 Scenes.

The working landscapes of Park15 Scenes are located in almost idyllic locations where inspiration and serenity abound.

The functions of the leading Park15 business park, together with the natural environment, is a practical combination for the benefit of your company. Thanks to this mix, a valuable working landscape will be created that features the fresh combination of nature and business.

Get inspired on the Park15 Scenes website.

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PARK15 | Strategically located

The key to a successful business park is of course always the location.

So why should you choose Park15? We would like to answer that question as clearly as possible.

The business park is strategically located due to its central position between the port of Rotterdam and the German Ruhr Valley. This guarantees a good logistical flow of goods.

In addition to its central location, the business park is very easy to reach from all directions by motorway, waterway and rail, making it a truly multimodal business park

PARK15 | Optimal accessibility

The business park is just off the A15 motorway, at Junction 38 (Elst/Oosterhout). Both Arnhem and Nijmegen are virtually on the doorstep. 

To the north, Arnhem can be reached via the A325, while Nijmegen is reached by travelling south on the N325 expressway.

The planned extension of the A15 to the north-east will ensure a direct connection with the A12.

This will create a strong east-west connection between Germany and the central Netherlands. The VIA -A15 routing decision, the extension of the A15 motorway, was awarded at the end of 2019 and is expected to start in 2020.

PARK15 | Betuwe route, barge terminal and rail terminal

With the arrival of the Oversteek – the new bridge over the Waal in Nijmegen – has created a fast link with Barge Terminal Nijmegen (BCTN) in the port area of Nijmegen. BCTN has daily connections with the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and the Ruhr Valley in Germany.

Park15 Logistics is immediately opposite the Betuwe route (also called the Betuwe line) – the 160-kilometre-long rail freight line that runs parallel to the A15 motorway. This east-west rail link connects the Maasvlakte harbour and industrial area near Rotterdam with the German border. The Betuwe route is also seen as the primary rail link between the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other European ports.

Because the connection with the European rail network to Oberhausen can be improved, 70 kilometres of extra track are being laid in Germany. Additional track is also being laid on the Dutch side of the border. In 2016 work began on the ‘third line’ between Emmerich and Oberhausen.In the immediate vicinity of Park15 there is also the Container Exchange Point (CEP) of Valburg as well as the planned Rail Terminal Gelderland (RTG).

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Would you like to know more?

Feel free to contact Bart Franssen. His contact details are as follows:

Bart Franssen
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Would you like to get in contact with Park15 Logistics?

Bart Franssen
M +31 617 35 82 04
Email Bart

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