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PARK15 | Succinctly

  • Staff availability in the region
  • Located just off the A15 with its own entry and exit slip roads
  • Planned Rail Terminal Gelderland opposite the park
  • A short distance from Barge Terminal Nijmegen

  • Inspirational neighbours (Lidl, Mars, Kraft Heinz, SCA, Ahold Delhaize)
  • Comprehensively sustainable (environment, site, buildings)
  • High level of facilities (fuelling station, restaurants, carwash)

PARK15 | What makes us special?

Exceptional qualities

"Outstanding accessibility for national and international logistics services"
  • Accessible by road, rail and waterways
  • Landscape, environment, design and facilities
  • Effective park management

Model of sustainability

"Comprehensive sustainability, preserving value over the long term"
  • Comprehensively sustainable (environment, site, buildings)
  • Efficient, timeless and with high value maintenance

Staff availability

"Strengthen your organisation with the regional labour resources and knowledge"
  • Sufficient qualified staff available in the region
  • Universities and universities of applied sciences in the immediate area
  • High staff motivation

PARK15 | Model for the new generation of logistics parks

Welcome to Park15 Logistics, the new logistics business park with exceptional qualities and clustering of XXL buildings in a strategic location along the A15.

Are we ambitious? Yes, we are! We are working to become the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands.

The business park is situated in the heart of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and is one of the few locations in the central and eastern parts of the Netherlands where large-scale logistics and distribution centres can be developed and built.

As regards sustainability, the aim is for every development at Park15 Logistics to be certified and assessed by BREEAM-NL – the foremost instrument for the comprehensive measurement and assessment of sustainability.
Park15 Logistics takes into account the possibilities of solar panels, energy-saving measures, heat and cold storage in the ground, and possible connection to a wind farm by the A15.

The working landscapes of Park15 Scenes are located near park15. Hidden in the green, surrounded by water or in the middle of the orchards, these are the special features of Park15 Scenes.

Park15 Scenes offers work locations in a natural environment, with the functionalities of the leading Park15 business park. Get inspired on the website

Look at our website for inspiration and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find solutions.

PARK15 | One minute to learn all about us

Watch and discover

To bring you up to speed on Park15 Logistics, we have made a short film.

The film shows the unique location of the new logistics hotspot by the A15. The size of the logistics business park and its excellent accessibility can be clearly seen.

In just over a minute, you will know almost everything...

PARK15 | News and trending

Nieuwbouw van SSI SCHÄFER in gebruik genomen

Het nieuwe hoofdkantoor van SSI SCHÄFER is in gebruik genomen. Het nieuwe pand is te vinden op Park15 Logistics.
More info >>

GGD en OTTO Work Force verenigen krachten voor vaccinatie arbeidsmigranten

GGD Gelderland-Midden en OTTO Work Force hebben de krachten verenigd om arbeidsmigranten in de regio te vaccineren. More info >>

Fietsenwinkel Mantel gaat zich vestigen op Park15 Logistics

Aan het begin van 2022 gaat fietsenwinkel Mantel een nieuw logistiek centrum van ruim 18.00 m2 openen op Park15 Logistics. More info >>

PARK15 | Impressions

PARK15 | References

‘Park15 offers us the space to set even higher standards’

"In Oosterhout we are setting even higher standards. Park15 is a location where we can apply the latest developments in order to minimize our ecological footprint and our energy consumption still further.

The distribution center is built from sustainable materials and the building is designed to use only sustainably generated energy."

Christine Braun
| Lidl

'Park15 is the home base for our logistics operations'

With the new distribution centre at Park15 we can expand our company at a strategic location and we will be able to optimize our logistics streams and transport. This will bring about a further improvement in our operational efficiency.

A very important factor in the choice of Park15 were the sustainable, technical solutions that are possible here. These will help to lower our energy costs.

Ard Nabuurs | Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions

PARK15 | Efficient, flexible and fast

Let us guide your purchase, for greater convenience! Efficiency, flexibility and rapid action are the best routes to success. From the first meeting to the final completion of your commercial building or distribution centre, we are there for you and will help you negotiate every step of the process. 

At Park15 Logistics the distribution centre or commercial building will be designed in consultation with you, to your specifications. The plots can be divided up freely, so that we can be flexible and provide you with an optimal lay-out for your building. Flexibility and functionality are central to this process!

The zoning plan ‘De Nieuwe Rietgraaf’ has been declared irrevocable, so that an application for an environmental permit will lead to a short spatial planning procedure and work can begin quickly on the construction of the planned commercial building or distribution centre.

We can usually deliver a building within seven to nine months after the start of construction.


Would you like to get in contact with Park15 Logistics?

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